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Discipline, class control, classroom management- by whatever name you call it- keeping order in the classroom is a teacher’s greatest concern. Discipline is so crucial, so basic to everything else in the classroom.

However, you do not need to reinvent the circle in regards to measures to help you in the Classroom. There are many Discipline and Classroom Management systems in existence across the world. They have been tried and tested and found to be effective over a couple of decades in some cases. You can choose one system and implement it consistently in your classroom.

Alternatively, you can pick the best parts of some of them and come up with your own system. All of the systems have certain points in common that represent good practice for all teachers. Below you will find links to websites about Assertive Discipline, Cooperative Discipline, Discipline with Dignity amongst many others. Many of the websites have their own links to other relevant websites too!


This is a site that asks the question; What is Discipline?
It also gives a good overview of  the many systems that exist.


This is another website that gives  basic information on several classroom management approaches.
Choose from the menu on the left handside of the homepage.


This is adisertation produced by Candice Jenifer Bruce when she was a student teacher. It gives an outline of the various systems she experimented with while on teaching practice.


 This website gives a good summary of Linda Albert's  Cooperative Discipline programme.


 This is another website that summarises the key parts of Co-operative Discipline.


This website gives a summary of Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline approach to classroom management


This website gives a more detailed description of the Assertive Discipline approoach to Classroom Management.


This Alfie Kohn's website. The link takes you directly to an article called Beyond Discipline that he wrote nearly 20 years ago in which he expresses reservations about the approach taken by both Assertive Discipline and Cooperative Discipline in the Classroom which are both based on the work of Rudolf Dreikurs. If you go to the homepage of this website you will have access to a wide range of Articles on discipline as well as being able to view the many books he has penned in recent years.

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