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Multiple intelligence

Here  are some weblinks to various websites from around the world that provide information on Howard Gardiner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences. They provide information on this theory that you may integrate into teaching and learning in your classroom. Go to our Downloads Link to view a pdf document on this subject as well as a readymade PowerPoint presentation.


The original Multiple Intelligences theory was developed in 1983 and first published in his book, ‘Frames of Mind.’ The book strongly suggests that everybody has a different mind, and no two profiles of intelligence are the same. Therefore, the traditional concept of measuring intelligence by I.Q testing is far too restricted.
button_weblink_ROUND The model of multiple intelligences provides teachers, students and parents with the confirmation that different students have different strengths and they learn in different ways. Students' strengths and preferences affect not only the ease with which they learn but also how they can best represent what they know and understand.
The idea of multiple intelligences comes out of psychology. ... and the best way for us to think about it is a child learning a sport or a child learning an art ..... this website has a video of Howard Gardiner giving his views.


Here we explore the theory of multiple intelligences; why it has found a ready audience amongst educationalists; and some of the issues around its conceptualisation and realisation.



This is an interactive worksheet which produces a Multiple Intelligences wheel based upon Gardner's theory. With thanks to Jean Maund from whom this idea originated and colleagues in the University of the First Age who helped develop the questionnaire. 
button_weblink_ROUND This theory has emerged from recent cognitive research and documents the extent to which students possess different kinds of minds and therefore learn, remember, perform, and understand in different ways. 
This website gives you a more detailed description of each of Gardener's Multiple Intelligences. For each Intelligence it suggests what would be good match careers for each Intelligence.


Have you ever wondered what factors make up a genius? Who in our modern day society would you call a genius, and what makes them different than the rest of us? This website uses Howard Gardiner’s Theories to explore this topic.

button_weblink_ROUND Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and professor of neuroscience from Harvard University, developed the theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) in 1983. The theory challenged traditional beliefs in the fields of education and cognitive science.
Welcome to Tapping into Multiple Intelligences. Hopefully, you'll tap into a few of your own intelligences to learn about this important theory. Start here in the Explanation section, which is all about the concept. Then go on to Demonstration, where we move from concept to classroom

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