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Classroom management section 2

Here are some more useful websites on Classroom Management and Discipline. There are links to sites with details of Alfie Kohn's book "Beyond Discipline" as well as information on the theories of Rudolf Dreikurs which underpin many classromm discipline programs. You will also be introduced to Cooperative Learning.


This link takes you to the ASCD website where you will be able to read some of the chapters in Alfie Kohn's book; "Beyond Discipline". 


Classroom Management Theories of Rudolf Dreikurs.


This website gives you a Fact Sheet on the ABC approach to Behaviour. Despite it's simplicity, the ABC model for understanding and managing behaviour is the core of many behavioural strategies. The website also has additional fact sheets on many other Behaviour/Cognitive theories.


Positive Behavioral Support (PBS) is an empirically validated, function-based approach to eliminate challenging behaviors and replace them with prosocial skills.  Use of PBS decreases the need for more intrusive or aversive interventions (i.e., punishment or suspension) and can lead to both systemic as well as individualised change.


A short video presentation by Dr. Bill Rogers who presents around the world on dealing with difficult and challenging behaviours. Bill is an education consultant who works in Australia, the UK, Ireland and Europe.  His work covers the whole spectrum of education – from the early years to tertiary. Dr. Rogers has conducted several one-day introductory workshops on  his ideas in Ireland a number of years ago when invited here by the PDST (formely SLSS).

Top 10 Behaviour Management Strategies from Bill Rogers, an educator who has written many books on behaviour including "Cracking the Hard Class". Bill's work is well known for its practical and positive commitment to practices and skills that enable teachers to build co-operative learning communities.


This link brings you to the PDST site (formerly SLSS) where some explanations are provided for Behaviourism, Cognitivism,and Social Independece Theory as an introduction to work they have done on the Cooperative Learning Model. They detail the various elements on Cooperative Learning based on the work of the Johnston model of Cooperative Learning. The Johnston brothers, from Chicago, have conducted several one-day introductory days for teachers in Ireland at the invitation of the SLSS.


The Essential Five: A starting point for Kagen Cooperative Learning. This is Cooperative Learning from another group in the U.S. who have produced lots of resources to help promote Cooperative Learning. Waterford Teachers' Centre has some of their materials.

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