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On May 1st 2001 we moved back into our "new building". It really wasn't a new building, rather a major refurbishment of the existing De La Salle Junior school, that was built in the 1950s and was vacated in 1988 when the dormitories in the main building, located accross the road were converted into 12 classrooms. From the late 1980s the building was rented at a very reasonable rate from the De La Salle Brothers as our Centre. In the Summer of 1999 we vacated the Centre so that the building, by now purchased from the De La Salle Order by the Department of Education and Skills, could be extensively refurbished to make it more suitable for both those who work there and for those who come to complete inservice courses there.

 The Centre will be managed for the DES by a local Management Committee. The Management Committee would like to thank the De La Salle Brothers, both local and in the Provincialate in Dublin for facilitating us with the use of the building for a very reasonable rent during those 10 years. Now they have done a great service to the entire local Education Community by selling the building to the Dept. of Education and Skills rather than trying to get a much larger sum for it by placing it on the open market.

 We were very anxious to acquire this building because of its central location and the backdrop of the green playing field and the estuary beyond it. We would like to thank Br. Brendan O’Sullivan who has dealt with Noel Montayne from the Dept. during all of the negotiations. Noel feels he was always treated well by Br. Brendan throughout the protracted negotiations.

 We would also like to thank the local De La Salle Community, especially Br. Timothy who is the one Brother that we have dealt with continuously since we first took up occupancy of the Building, for all their help and co-operation over the years. We hope that these cordial relations will continue in the years ahead.

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